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Mindless Jabber of Twitter

My Facebook friend E.D.Trimm (don’t be fooled by the formality of her initials – she is a LADY) has bravely ventured into the manic playground that is Twitter. It has not been easy my dears to PERSUADE her. Her initial impressions were, I quote:

“Suzy, I still don’t get Twitter. There seems to be no “twitter” in and of itself, only links to professional blogging sites, vid sites etc. Now, I’ve never felt the need to parade myself before the world with inane chatter and certainly not on camera. So what precisely am I missing here??? Obviously this “social networking” thing is “THE” thing, but outside of the corporate world, which I detest beyond comment, where’s the advantage?… I mean one guy was going on about what was he going to do for the 10 hours between the twitter conference and his plane departure. and I’m like who the heck cares??”

And of course, I agree completely, and so do most people using Twitter! My theory, darlings, is that the virtual world of Twitterville brings us more in contact with our own real lives. In this big cold world, my sweets, we all need a place we can bitch, complain, talk to ourselves, dream, make resolutions, proclamations, and to generally … SHARE.

Beware, it can only take a few days to become hooked…

Joining a new community may at first appear daunting, but what is incredible about Twitter is how quickly a group of diverse professionals, geeks, marketeers and some normal people, become a community just by listening in on each others thoughts. If you are not already a Twitter addict, go on, try it. Just say “Yes!”

I was advised by my social networking optimisation guru (affectionately known to me as Number One Geek) to ‘follow’ all the friends of anyone interesting I came across (he mean’t himself, of course) and because they are inherently rather polite, you will soon find yourself being ‘followed’ by a host of complete strangers. But not only will you NOT need to call the police or adopt a secret identity to escape them – (should you have a bout of paranoia, just click a button and they’re GONE!) – you will soon know more about what goes through their minds on a daily basis than their nearest and dearest. If you find other people interesting – then you will just adore Twitter.

As for E.D., I am waiting to discover what she thinks of it all now. I just checked her ‘Tweets”, and there is barely an hour that goes by without her sending out a message. Whatever she may claim, I fear that she has gone past the point of no return, and may soon be at that sad stage we all reach, when we send out messages at times when everyone is asleep. And we don’t care anymore. Hmmm, yep, must stop doing that.


Dummies guides?

Another lady who has initials just to keep us guessing about her first names is BL Ochman, who writes a very interesting blog and has helpfully created a guide to using Twitter effectively so you don’t end up annoying everyone and having no followers (it is quite hard to get to that stage – people are incredibly tolerant). Check out her kick-ass guide to Twitter.

Newbies may also like to read a simple and very helpful guide to getting started (which I discovered via a Tweet from Jeremiah Owyang, who should be on everyone’s follow list). Any other advice and links from readers will be gratefully received in the comments box below.


Thank you to Andy White for providing some kind of answer to what an online profile should focus upon in the comments on my last posting.

“An online presence created with one or more of the following motives: a) as part of a strategy of increasing web presence (marketing motive), b) social acceptance and experimentation, c) pure fun!
– hmmmm, a bit nerdish, this definition – but then I’m an Internet Marketing geek! Actually b and c could be the same.”

Andy, as a dictionary you are about as concise as I am. Stick to being an ace podcast creator. But you are right of course – ‘b & c’ are most definitely the same, and what any online profile should be about. I would add only one extra thing. A photograph so skilfully taken by a genius photographer, that most people would not recognise you if they met you for real on a Monday morning. Alternatively, you can spend months creating a Second Life avatar to represent you, or even have a picture of your favourite animal. Trust me, many do.


Did you know that you can create blogs for when you are dead? Isn’t that great!

Curtesy of Jeremiah Owyang’s weekly digest I discovered that there is a place to leave a blog for your friends and relatives after you have passed on into the blogosphere. So my question is, after taking a look at Blogging When Your Dead, what thoughts does it inspire?

MY first thoughts were how jolly useful it would be for mourners to be able to leave comments. “We miss you Harvey. If ONLY you hadn’t tried to recharge your mobile, whilst Twittering in the shower…”

What comments do you want others to make about you? What will be your last Tweet?

2 Responses to “Twitter for Blondes”

  1. Pamela Mayer says:

    I am blonde, cute, sexxy, intelligent, articulate and I am an artist. But I run my own business as well. I did feel a little out of place at first at because I ddn’t have a PhD in AS/400, mainframe, Sqml, or whatever. There is a place on those sites for those of us who are designers, entrepreneurs in fashion, art, humanities, etc. And personally, I think the geeks find us refreshing & learn to expand themselves to topics other than IT.

  2. Carrie2 says:

    Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

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